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Event: Sept 18, 2014 What is Crowdfunding and Why do I Care?

Join Marin Business Forum and Breakaway Funding and find out why Crowdfunding, the financial revolution of the 21st century, will transform the way businesses access capital.

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Marin Business Forum

Bay Area trailblazers in new era of small-business finance

Breakaway Funding

CEO: Kimberly Kaselionis

HQ: Sausalito

Year founded: 2014

Strategy: Seeks to raise debt financing for Main Street businesses that will eventually qualify for traditional bank loans

San Francisco Business Times

Breakaway Funding White Paper Series Sites Importance to Community Vitality

Breakaway Funding Whitepaper’s:

Community Banks: Renewed Purpose & Survival Through Crowdfunding

Breakaway Funding, Whitepaper - Community Banks: Renewed Purpose & Survival Through Crowdfunding

Breakaway’s Crowdfunding Whitepaper for Banks provides a comprehensive look at crowdfunding as it relates to the business of community banking and demonstrates the critical need for community banks to engage with crowdfunding now in order to remain viable in the future. Kim Kaselionis, Founder and Managing Partner of Breakaway Funding, LLC and Joseph Barisonzi the CEO of CommunityLeader teamed up to deliver this must-read for any bank looking to understand the impact to our national economy and crowdfunding’s impact on the U.S. banking ecosystem.


Part II: Crowdfunding 101 for Community Bankers

Part II: Crowdfunding 101 for Community Bankers

As Part II in the series, Crowdfunding 101 for Community Bankers, this white paper provides community bankers with the information about and understanding of crowdfunding needed to build and present an irrefutable case for immediate implementation of a crowdfunding strategy.


Breakaway Funding debuts Crowdfunding service

Sausalito-based Breakaway Funding introduced its crowdfunding service this week with four Bay Area companies seeking debt financing.

Founder and Chairman Kim Kaselionis sees the new service as a means of raising capital from wealthy investors to finance Main Street businesses that don’t qualify for bank financing, at least not yet.

As the former CEO of Circle Bank, now part of Umpqua Bank, Kaselionis envisions Breakaway’s successful clients will eventually be able to secure traditional bank financing.

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Breakaway Funding Announces Four Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities

Breakaway Funding Announces Four Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities

Financial Platform Provides Businesses Conduit to Investor Funding


Business Wire
Breakaway Funding Announces Four Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities
Kim Kaselionis, founder/chairman, Breakaway Funding LLC (Photo: Business Wire)

SAUSALITO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Breakaway Funding LLC founder/chairman Kim Kaselionis today announced four crowdfunding opportunities for individual investors to provide debt financing for businesses seeking capital. The offerings are:

  • Pais (formerly, Bar Brazil Boutique), Rohnert Park, CA
    • ‘País’ will offer exclusive clothing, jewelry, body care products, craft beers and wines from Brazil in a festive environment that will bring the lavish and joyous Brazilian lifestyle to consumers.
  • Cadillac Bar & Grill, San Francisco
    • Dos Laredos, LLC is planning to reopen the Cadillac Bar & Grill, a proven popular restaurant concept with a history of financial success. The new restaurant will be located in the Mid-Market area of San Francisco, one of the most sought after areas in the city for tech businesses. It will be an authentic Mexican restaurant with a large and lively bar and that will make you feel like you’re “South of the Border.”
  • Chasing Rabbits, Petaluma, CA
    • Chasing Rabbits produces and markets Chasing Rabbits® branded naturally formulated and non-GMO ready-to-drink beverages and snacks. They are great-tasting, low-glycemic, nutritious and functional energy producing products that provide healthy alternatives to consumers.
  • E2 Lighting International, Hayward, CA
    • E2 Lighting International wholesales and distributes high quality LED lighting which reduces carbon footprint by conserving energy and reduces electric bills, lowers maintenance cost and provides higher quality of light.

“We are pleased to provide each of these companies access to crowdfunding sourced capital,” said Kaselionis, former CEO/chairman of Circle Bank and founder of Breakaway Funding ( which allows local businesses access to capital and flexible financing to meet their on-going capital needs by helping them to reach potential investors. Breakaway Funding (, with a senior staff of veteran financial services executives, operates a securities-based SEC compliant crowdfunding portal. The Breakaway team has funded hundreds of millions in loans for small and medium-sized businesses over the past two decades. The firm recently hosted a series of conferences and workshops for businesses and potential investors. “What we saw at every event was a deep interest by bankers, investors and businesses in crowdfunding as a means of providing access to capital for small businesses and driving growth in local economies,” Kaselionis said. She also met with more than two dozen banking executives at a recent conference in Tucson, hosted by the Western Independent Bankers organization. “Again, the response to the Breakaway value proposition was extremely positive on two levels,” she said. “First, many of the bankers were unfamiliar with the opportunities that the JOBS Act could provide them in the crowdfunding arena. And, second and importantly, they were very open to meeting with us to obtain a better understanding of how they might fit into the equation. “As a result, I have had a series of very encouraging follow up meetings. While not every bank is ready for crowdfunding, I can already see a pattern developing among those who want to be leaders and to participate from the beginning.” About Breakaway Funding LLC Employing a compliant and secure technology platform, Breakaway allows local businesses access to capital and flexible financing to meet their on-going capital needs by helping them to reach potential investors. More information is available at or by calling 415-729-9482.

DISCLAIMER: Breakaway is not a broker, dealer or underwriter of securities and does not represent, underwrite, endorse or sponsor any particular offering or solicit investors on behalf of issuers. Nothing herein contained should be construed as an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, a recommendation for or endorsement of any security, or a sponsorship of any company, by Breakaway. Breakaway does not effect any securities transactions. The opportunity to invest in a particular issuer though Breakaway’s crowdfunding platform should, in no way, be construed as a warranty, representation, or guarantee by Breakaway as to the quality of any issuer or its worthiness for investment. You are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, investment strategy, security or related transaction is appropriate for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance. Issuers, investors, and users of Breakaway’s crowdfunding platform are responsible for consulting with licensed professionals and investment advisors for any legal, tax, insurance, due diligence review, or investment advice. Breakaway makes no guarantee of any investment made or any specific results. Investments are considered high-risk and investors may lose a portion or all of their investment. Investors may choose to invest in any offering provided by Issuers on Breakaway’s crowdfunding platform webpage and at their own risk. Investors expressly assume all risks when accessing Breakaway’s crowdfunding platform.



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