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Affordable Care Act Shared Responsibility and You

By Gregory Franklin CEO/Co-Founder MyHealth Champion   Beginning January 1st, 2015, the employer shared responsibility requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that most employers with 100 or more full-time employees or full-time equivalents must offer minimum essential coverage (MEC) to their employees and their dependents that meet a two-part test. The plan must […]

2015 Crowdfunding Report released

While the concept seems new, crowdfunding has been used to capitalize local businesses for hundreds of years. If you had an idea, you pitched it to the elders. If they liked it, they pooled their money and showed up regularly to make sure you were running it right. Today, town elders have been replaced by peers who connect through the Internet and social media. Crowdfunding has democratized the

Multiple Choice – There’s more than one way to value your business

When working with clients, we begin by discussing their initiatives to increase valuation before sale. Understandably owners tend to focus on the ‘P’ aspect of V = P x M because they know how to influence profit.

Clients often say, ‘If I increase profits then I’ll get my valuation up.’ While this is true, it misses the other valuation lever – the multiple.

Is the SEC protecting its own?

By Larry MacDonald

The SEC is blocking small business’s access to funding and job creation. …in opposition to the legislative intentions of the JOBS Act, which is to bring more capital into the economy and grow small businesses that create jobs. The SEC, a bit of an old-school relic, appears to be attempting to water down the JOBS Act’s potential for job creation by monkeying with the definitions of accredited investors. Before the Internet, this may have made some sense, but no longer.

Cadillac Bar & Grill Pre-Construction Party

As the first four restaurants in the @Twitter building are preparing to open in December, The Cadillac Bar & Grill is planning to have a pre-construction party at their future site. Save this date: Thursday November 13th from 5-8 PM the Cadillac Bar & Grill is hosting a pre-construction party located at 44 9th Street in the […]

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