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Why Name Brands Should Get In On Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is usually associated with charitable organizations in need of funding and startups seeking capital. But let’s not forget about the well established brands. They’re getting in on the action as well, but the motivation isn’t just about the money, it’s something far more important. Branding, testing new products and engaging their customers are the […]

Using Crowdfunding and Self-Directed IRA/401k for Alternative Investment

WEBINAR: Using Crowdfunding and Self-Directed IRA/401K for Alternative Investments This webinar is for anyone wanting to diversify their 401k holdings. Learn tactical knowledge that diversifies your investment portfolio by combining self-directed IRA/401k’s and securities-based Crowdfunding offering. Your Speakers: Kim Kaselionis, Founder and Managing Partner at Breakaway Funding and Lamarr Baxter, Director of Business Development at […]

Commitment to Raise Financial Acumen

Having spent more than two decades working in the financial services and advisory businesses, I have observed a variety of behaviors exhibited by clients as they consider investments either for themselves, for their families or their businesses. Some associate investing with speculation that, in their minds, borders on —gambling. They view investments as volatile because […]

Welcome to October’s Investor Roundtable

October was an exciting month filled with several educational events. During our monthly Investor Round Table we featured two premier opportunities: E2 Lighting and Functional Foods Technologies also known as FFT. These Investor Roundtables or “pitch parties”  showcase investment opportunities where you can meet and connect with the entrepreneurs raising capital. We recorded today’s pitch party […]

Crowdfunding Accredited Investor Definition Set to Change

The SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) is convening to address the redefinition of the “Accredited Investor.” The Accredited Investor definition has remained unchanged since 1982 with exception of excluding your primary residence from your net worth, which was made after the signing of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2010. The Dodd-Frank […]

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